How'd we get here?

A short story about us:

Snake River Tea was a dream over 15 years in the making. After searching out as much education as possible in the form of tea and business boot camps, tea education classes, books, expos and a whole lot of planning, the dream became our reality. We know how amazing a great cup of tea is and we want to share that feeling with our customers—life is just too short to drink bad tea!

Our objective is to provide every customer with a wonderful cup of tea that they can enjoy in the store, on the go, at home or in the office. We manage that by offering premium loose leaf teas, each brewed at their perfect water temperature and steep time. Our shop provides a relaxing atmosphere for our customers and the “tea wall” allows both self-guided exploration of our aromas and dry leaf examination of all of our loose leaf teas. Take your time picking the perfect cup—after all, 110 teas is a lot to choose from!

We want our customers to be able to take a few minutes for themselves while they wait for their tea; no pressure, no rush, just relax. After all, tea takes time to steep, so go ahead and be selfish for 5 minutes of your day! Or share your wait with someone else who is looking for the same break.

We work to find teas that will entice people from all walks of life, from the “new-to-tea” to the tea aficionado, so that we can provide a great experience for everyone. While we carry all of the “must have” traditional teas, we’ve also put our blood, sweat and tears into creating unique blends that you’ll only find in our store. Every member of the Snake River Tea staff has been educated on the teas that we carry and the tea industry in general so that they can provide excellent service and suggestions for anyone who walks through our doors.